How does it work?

There are four different types of coaching conversation. These go in the following order, usually over a period of 4 – 6 months depending on the topic or goal.

1. The Intake
2. The Offer
3. Cycles of Development
4. Completion.

1. The Intake

This first conversation typically takes 1 – 1.5 hours and is designed for the client and coach to get really clear on both why the client is coming to the coach and the (usually) one specific topic that is important to the client.

This session allows the client to get a “feel” for the coach.

In this session the coach gets to know the client and uses the Integral model to really get an in depth feel for how the client operates in relation to their topic. At the end of the session the coach digests what has been discussed and uses the Integral model and his own training in the method to create the “offer”.

2. The Offer

In the next session, The Offer acts as the foundation for the whole coaching program. In this conversation the coach offers insights using metaphors into the clients current way of being in relation to their topic. We also then offer a new way of being and the path to get there in the form of a coaching program, which contains specific developmental objectives specifically designed for the client.

Lastly in this session the coach will offer a self observation exercise so that the client can get their own understanding of their current way of being, as well as a first foundation practice to begin to move the client towards their new way. At the end of this session the client will have a deep feel for the way of working and at this point the client can decide if it suits them to go forward and commit to a coaching program.

3. Cycles of Development

The cycles of development are the main substance of the program. This involves personal engagement in observation exercises and practices on a daily basis:
Self-observation exercises enable the client to become intimately aware of their ‘Current Way of Being’ in their coaching topic, what it enables and what it limits. Through this awareness, the client is able to start shifting their automatic, habitual way of seeing and behaving in their topic.
Practices are designed to develop the ‘new muscles’ the client needs to live in alignment with their ‘New Way of Being’ in their coaching topic.
The practices are structured and sequenced to progressively support reaching the “developmental objectives” in the coaching program.
During each conversation we discuss what the client is learning in their observation exercises and practices, build upon this learning and determine the next steps in their cycles of development.
The client meets with the coach every two to three weeks until the program is complete.

4. Completion

At the end of the program when both the client and coach are clear the client has met their objectives they have a final meeting to formally complete the Coaching Program and prepare for going forward beyond the program.

Where and how do you do the sessions?

I offer Zoom video sessions for international clients or clients who prefer this method due to their schedules.